September 20, 2021


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Understand Blogging Industry and Its Benefit

“Weblogs” or blogs are websites or online journals that contain a variety of information and display the latest posts at the top of the page. The content or blog posts are updated regularly, and are usually maintained by one or a small group of users. Even though it is regulated by many users, for example, the thoughts and opinions written are still focused on one topic. This is the definition and definition of a blog in general. It’s just that, recently the lines of differences between blogs and websites are getting blurred.

Usability and Function of Blog

There are many reasons why people or companies use blogs. For example, suppose you love getting dogs and want to share your hobbies and stories with an online audience. Or you are studying the effects of sleep deprivation and want to write down your results and conclusions. Or maybe you are a businessman and want to offer your products by writing them on your blog to increase awareness from a larger audience.

Apart from the reasons for creating a blog, there are also those who ask if it is true that we can earn income by going online? Just like websites or journals, blogs also have a non-rigid structure. This is because blogs offer various designs and shapes, especially with regular updates. However, there are standard and structured features that you will notice when opening and reading blogs.


The blog structure consists of a header that has a menu and / or navigation bar. The main content section displays the most recent or highlighted blog posts. There is also a sidebar that displays the social media author profiles and most popular posts. Finally, the footer contains information, such as the privacy policy, disclaimer, and contact information. Every aspect of the structure plays a very important role in making it easier for site visitors to navigate and search for content.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is the activity of writing and managing blogs using digital tools available on the internet so that bloggers can write, share, and link content easily. Blogging activity began in the early 2000s when a number of blogs with political content emerged. A few moments later a how-to and tutorial themed blog appeared. Blogs are different from journalist activities. In fact, the line separating the two activities has become clearer in recent times

Since its appearance until now, blogging has been very popular. It’s just that, the question is why blogging can be this famous? Initially blogging was a mainstream platform for news and information. Just like newspapers that appeared before blogging, although the level of comfort they offered was different, blogging was growing comparatively faster. Information updates that are carried out continuously and bloggers can follow blogs that match their interests and hobbies are two of the reasons why people blog.

Also, the existence of a blog makes it easier for readers to follow information, rather than having to flip through newspaper. The “revival” blog provided an opportunity for people who wanted to create something new. Think of a blog like a diary that you want to show off to your friends.

Who is a Blogger?

Bloggers are people who create and manage blogs, share their views and perspectives with an online audience for both personal and business purposes. The topics discussed were varied, from the arts to politics. Currently there are many well-known bloggers who have become ‘celebrities’ in the online and offline world. Some people make blogging a side profession, some other people see blogging as their main career, while others just write blogs for a hobby or as a way of expressing their opinions.

Being a blogger is a fun profession, although not so easy. He doesn’t have to stay in one place if he wants to write content. There are even bloggers who fill their content by traveling, but of course this depends on the type of blog that is made. Since the internet can be accessed easily from anywhere, that’s when anyone can become a blogger.

We have briefly discussed when blogs first appeared. Now we will explain the evolution and history of blogs.

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